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Alpha Squad 5 Cheats – Getting unlimited gems hack

Alpha Squad 5 is a RPG & PvP Arena type mobile game. In this game, you can build up a team of superheroes to fight against evil forces. The game promise to release new heroes regularly. So you may not feel boring when you are familiar with your current heroes. There are also hundreds of villains built in this game. To eliminate them all, you have to spend more time and energy! Our Alpha Squad 5 cheats and tips will teach you how to build your own hero team, train them and equip them with best equipment.

When building your own hero team, keep a balance in conception. Each hero has its own skill. Some heroes are good at output damage, and others are good at team support. Generally speaking, you should put the attack heroes in front of your team, so that they can output more damage. If you have no idea how to place your heroes in the right position, you can just follow the system’s recommended positions.

Before you go to PVP arena, you should make sure your heroes are all refuel and strong enough.  You can check your heroes’ statistics by clicking the top menu. If you find your heroes are hurt or not strong enough, you fill them with health drinks and upgrade them accordingly. You have to own lots of gems in order to improve your heroes’ level and skills. Using Alpha Squad 5 hack is always a good solution to earn big amount of free gems in this game.

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Once your heroes are leveled, you should find the suitable gears to equip them. In this way, they can maximum their full power in the battle. When you are fighting in PVP arena, it is better to leave your heroes’ skills to the end. Because there are multiple opponents appear at the same time in this mode. You may not have enough time to cool down your hero’s skills before the final enemy arrives. So it is smart to keep your skills for big boss fight.

Once your hero reach level 20, it is better to join an active guild. You will get shared skills and rewards from the guild you join. You also have new permissions and privileges to access top mission hidden in this game!

That’s all our Alpha Squad 5 cheats and tips. If you want to share your tricks with us, just contact us via email.