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Angry Birds Dream Blast Cheats – Tips for more coins hack

Angry Birds Dream Blast is an easy to play puzzle game. You need to complete a series of levels to help the birds solve more mysteries puzzle by popping the falling bubbles. The game follows the general format of puzzle type predecessors, so that you can get used to the game play system quickly. Though the first stages of this game is easy to complete, you will finally notice the coming level is much more difficult than the previous ones. But you don’t have to worry too much. Our Angry Birds Dream Blast cheats and tips will prepare you well.

Make more bubbles combination! The fast way to clear a certain stage is to make use of bubbles combination. If this is done properly, it will clear your current level with in a few minutes. When you combine two or more special bubbles, they will be more effective, release more power and help you achieve your goals faster. The only thing you need to combine the bubbles is to find more similar color bubbles, then tap them together. After that, the screen will shine two seconds, it means you are succeed in bubble combination.

Try best to create special bubbles! As said before, you need more special bubbles to finish the combination. Without special bubbles, you can’t clear some specific stage in the game. Creating and using special bubbles regularly will help you make great progress in all levels. We have listed two most used special bubbles below.

  • Bomb Bubble – This is the first most used bubbles in the game. It will explode around the tile while you are matching. You can also set up the explode time, so that you can decide when it will explode. This bubble is made up by combining six bubbles into a Y or U shape.
  • Stripe bubble – It will clear the whole row or column match when using this special bubble. You can create it by form your bubbles into column or row, but not other shape. This is the most easy bubbles you can create in this game.

Get more coins. Coins are the special currency in this game. You can use them to buy lives, moves and special skills. We can say that without coins, you will be impossible unlock new level. So we give you Angry Birds Dream Blast hack to generate unlimited coins to your account. Most players are using such hacking service to harvest resources. So you should follow their steps in order not to stay behind your opponents.

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Since this game has no limits to time, so if you have no idea how to move your next step, you can just take a rest and rethink the puzzles again. Eventually, your mind will become more clear, although this mean you will not always solve the puzzle instantly.

This is all our Angry Birds Dream Blast cheats and tips. If you do have another amazing tricks to share with us, just email us! Have a good matching!