ANOTHER EDEN Cheats – Tips for more Chronos Stones hack

ANOTHER EDEN is a RPG mobile game which can give you a journey beyond time and space. In this game, you will explore an epic story spanning the ancient, present and future. You need to defeat the evil heart of ashes to save your future world. The game features a classic turn based combat system. If you are fans of classic RPG, you must be familiar with this fighting system. To help you master the game in a short time, we share the latest ANOTHER EDEN cheats and tips below.

Check your team’s stats before battle. You need more tactical thinking on your battle fighting. Otherwise, you will lost your battle easily. To make up your tactical plan, you have to understand your team’s stats firstly. You can view your team’s stats by clicking the top left menu. Once you enter into that area, you will you’ll see the strength and all other attributes of your troops. What’s more, you can equip the necessary items to your troops if you want to in the same screen. If you don’t want to equip manually, you can select the automatic installation option. By doing this, all your team members will be equip automatically with the system recommend settings.

Make new weapons and equipment for your team. To increase the winning opportunity of each battle, you have to improve your team’s strength and other attributes. Giving your team stronger equipment and weapons is the most effective way to make your team powerful. You need chronos stones to buy these equipment. Chronos stones can be only rewarded by the game system or purchase with real world money. They are very difficult to earn in this game. However, some players found that using ANOTHER EDEN hack can give you instant access to these resource. So if you need more of stones, you can give ANOTHER EDEN hack a try.


Always check the task lists. You can visit task lists via clicking the bottom icon. In there, you will see all the tasks including available and expired ones. We want you to pay attention to the available missions. Especially the ones with red mark. Once you complete these missions, the game will reward you with a gift, usually including a certain amount of stones and experience points. In fact, after each stage of the campaign, you get a reward. That’s why it’s important to focus on the mission list.

By sticking to our ANOTHER EDEN tips and cheats, we can confirm that you will easily defeat your enemies and save the future world.