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Audistar Mobile has become very hot in the dance game area these days! Many players are talking about it. This game is a music industry simulator. It allow you to create your own dance community, invite your friends to join your music party! The most attracting point of this game is that you can experience lots of KPOP, JPOP and American pop songs in the game. To become a pop dancer in the game, you have to master lots of things. Our exclusive Audistar Mobile cheats and tips will help you reach your goal faster!



Know your skills firstly! Before you create your first dancer, it is a good idea to review the skills of each musician. You only have few points to allocate the skill slots. So make sure you have pay enough attention to skill points assignment. This will decide how your dancer perform in the later stage. After your character’s creation, you need to customize them with clothes and ornaments. At first, you may feel confused what to choose as there are so many kinds of clothes and ornaments designed in the game. My opinion is that choose the one you can affordable and suit your style best to put on.

Recruit more dancer to join your club! To make your dancing club more popular in the music industry, you have to recruit and unlock more dancers in the game. Whoever you recruit to join your club, you should make sure their overall statistics should better than yours currently. You don’t want anyone to decrease your performance level in your club. Diamonds are the keys to make sure you have excellent dance partners. So we strongly suggest you make use of Audistar Mobile hack to harvest diamonds as much as you can. Using hacking service in the game will give you instant access to all game resources. So it’s a good idea to give Audistar Mobile hack a try!


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The game provide two modes to players. One is traditional mode and the other is modern mode. You can choose the one which you have more confident in to play with. In my views, if you are a new player, you should try the traditional mode first. This can give you opportunity to master all arrow controls. Once you have more experience, you can step into modern mode. In there, you will find more excellent dance performance.

That’s all for Audistar Mobile cheats and tips. We hope you have learned all you need to know about the game from it. It’s a shortcut for you to become a excellent dancer!