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AxE Alliance vs Empire Cheats – Tips for more diamonds hack

AxE Alliance vs Empire is a highly innovative MMORPG developed by NEXON Company. If you like large-scale real-time battles, you should try this mobile game. Its most unique feature comes from the various PVP modes. The game provides unique PK arena for each player. Its incremental system give players more opportunity to learn the basic mechanisms and concepts of the game. You may feel complicated when you start to play this game, that’s why we share AxE Alliance vs Empire cheats and tips to improve your skill faster.

Choose the best role for yourself. The game provides you six different classed of heroes. You have to pick one to start the fighting. When you decide which class to pick, you need to ensure that you choose the one that best suits your preferences and game style. There are no right or wrong choices because each hero has its own specialization. Based on our experience, if you need to fight with your friends, you should choose the hero who is good at team work. On the contrary, pick the one who is strong enough to fight alone such as Paladin. Paladin has high life and defense, and can withstand great damage in the fighting.

The story line mode will give you lots of tasks to collect resources. Once you have completed a chapter related to mission request, you can get some gold and diamonds as rewards. You can use diamonds to do some enhancements to your hero’s skills and weapons. Initially, you can only improve limited skills and weapons, as you only have little diamonds in your account. If you need to upgrade all of them, you have to own large amount of diamonds. Using AxE Alliance vs Empire hack is a most convenient method to earn diamonds. Just with a few clicks, your account will be full of diamonds you want.

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You can unlock and customize your heroes’ skills under the stats menu. Each skill slots has its own unique enhancement function. You may feel a little confused of this design as it’s more complicated than the usual skill management system. However, this design will make your hero’s skills more diversified and more powerful. Of course, you have to spend more time on it in order to create a maximum power combat skill.

This is all our AxE Alliance vs Empire cheats and tips, we strongly suggest you read it before you start to play this game. We are also believed that there are still plenty of hints and tricks to be discovered, if you find some, don’t hesitate to tell us!