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Bacon Escape 2 Cheats – Get unlimited apples hack

Do you miss the little flying piggy? It’s back again. Now you can play Bacon Escape 2 in your mobile devices. You and your piggy will start a new space adventure. You are going to experience a brand new running journey in the new series. Your mission is to collect lots of stars and repair your spacecraft within limited time. You have to run through fire, wind, and ice obstacles to find the suitable parts of your spaceship. If you have played the first series of the game, you should be familiar with the control system. If you are a new player, don’t worry, we have provided Bacon Escape 2 cheats and tips to guide you.



As said before, there are many obstacles designed in the game. You should know when to run through them easily. Understanding obstacles will help you figure out how and when to run through them in a limited time. For some obstacles, you need to wait until the last minute to avoid them. For others, you need a rapid booster to strike through them directly. My point here is use different strategies for different obstacles. Sometimes, you need to try many times to figure out how to pass the obstacles without damage. Don’t give up trying when you fail the first time. Just keep practicing, you will make your way out of it.

Running will exhaust your energy. The long way you run, the more energy you will exhaust. You can take a rest to restore your energy, but this can take a long time. The fast way to refill your energy is the apples. Eating apples will make your energy full in a second. You can get some apples by completing specific running tasks. If you have a great score in the running challenge, your apples’ rewarded will be more satisfied. In many players’ eyes, using Bacon Escape 2 hack is the most satisfied way to earn apples. You don’t need worry about the time and scores limit. Just a few clicking, you will get lots of apple with this mod.


use Bacon Escape 2 mod


Unlocking new characters is the new feature implemented in this series. Each character has its own unique skill. You should take advantage of it. It will give you a shortcut in the running adventure. You need practice more to improve your running skills no matter which character you are using.

We have faith that you will be able to overcome any obstacles with our Bacon Escape 2 cheats and tips. So just keep reading and running.