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Beach Buggy Racing 2 Cheats – Tips for more gems hack

Do you remember the addicted beach racing game? They are back with a new series called Beach Buggy Racing 2. You will experience more fun in the new series by having more drivers, more cars, etc. Beach Buggy Racing 2 features worldwide matches and even an augmented reality model that allows you to bring the game into the real world. Speed is the only thing you need consider. If you want to succeed in this game, you need a detail Beach Buggy Racing 2 cheats and tips as a guide.

Pay attention to speed booster! Once you race more, you will find that you need some speed booster to improve your cars’ speed. The speed booster works almost like nitro in other racing games. This is very important when you are racing in some special location such as Egyptian pyramids. One thing you should remember is that when your speed power up fast, you may lose control of your car. That’s why you should only use speed booster when you’re at the straight path. On the other hand, you should low down your speed while you are on a S type curve. What’s worst, some location is full of dust and sand, which will make your speed booster lost its effect.

Collect more gems! This is the key to succeed in this game. Because you need gems to buy new cars and upgrades. There are several ways to earn gems. The easy one is to watch the in-game advertisement, by which you will get a few gems reward. Completing the missions is the common way to get gems. These are the tasks that the game gives you, usually including performing in a certain way during the game. You should check your task menu regularly so that you know what to aim at in the game. Our favorite method to get gems is using Beach Buggy Racing 2 hack. It is a tool which will generate lots gems within a few minutes.

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Once you have enough gems, you should buy a new cars and upgrade your current cars immediately. Upgrading usually includes speed, processing and enhancement. If you have only a few gems in your account, you should distribute upgrades evenly across different categories, rather than focusing on one category. Conversely, if you have unlimited gems in your hands, you can maximize all upgrades immediately. So gems amount decides how you will do the upgrading.

It’s not easy to win every match in the beaching racing, but with the help of Beach Buggy Racing 2 cheats and tips listed above, you’re sure to stand out!