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If you are a fan of Supercell’s games, you should not miss its new mobile game – Brawl Stars. After a long time of adjustment, it is now ready to let players around the world to enjoy it. It is a different multi-player experience. There are a lot of skills and techniques can deal with all aspects of the game. There are many different game modes in the game. You will find one suits your battle style eventually. You can join your teammate coalition, collect different roles, but the important point is make sure you have the right strategies. So we share you some Brawl Stars cheats and tips below.



Know your target firstly. Once you start the game, you pick one game mode to play with. In each game mode, you should understand what is your goal and how to achieve the goal with limited time. Here we take Robbery game mode for example. In this mode, you need to break your opponents ‘s safety to find out who took the stolen goods within a few minutes. Though the time is limited, you should not rush. New players usually panic and start any matador deployment, but you should spend some time, even a few seconds to plan the whole strategy. Don’t be rush in first step.

Make sure your matadors can be upgraded. As you play more in the battles, you will find it is not easy to defeat your opponents. At this moment, you should upgrade them. By doing this, it will improve their attributes and allow them to do more and more damage when you are in fight. Upgrading and unlock new matadors will cost you lots of gems. You need to prepare large amount of gems to improve your matadors. Achievements will win you some gems and XP, although not many at first, but as you continue to fight in the wilderness, these rewards will eventually add up. If you want to get a big amount of gems within a few minutes, you should try our Brawl Stars hack. Generally speaking, this hacking service will make your game play more convenient and outstanding.


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Don’t play alone, join a tribe! You may notice that many early achievements revolved around tribes. Such as joining and forming a tribe, donating a certain number of matadors to your tribal members. So if you want to earn more gems in a common way, you should pay attention to the tribe. Don’t be shy to challenge someone in your tribe – it would be a good way to make new friends online.

By following our Brawl Stars cheats and guides carefully, we have confident that you will become a real fighting star one day.

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