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Call of Duty Global Operations is a MMO game which allow you to build a modern army led by classic Call of Duty characters. You goal is to destroy GLOBUS’s evil plan with your alliance. If you feel confused when playing this game, and need help to manage your army on the battlefield, we are glad to share you our Call of Duty Global Operations cheats and tips. With these easy tips, you can easily conquer your enemy without doubt. So let’s get start now!

Build your scouts unit firstly. We can confirmed that reconnaissance is an important tactic in MMO game. You can easily get your opponent’s strategy by reconnaissance. By understanding your opponent’s strategy, you will be able to better prepare your army and think of better solution to defeat your enemy. When you send out your troops to observe your enemy’s actions, you should pay attention to the uncovering area around your enemy’s base. Most players will ignore such locations. This is the main reason why they always fail in such map. Generally speaking, you need to find out the number of units and buildings of your opponents. So that you can make a proper plan to fight your enemy more effectively!

Upgrade your units regularly. The best way to improve your army’s performance is to upgrade them at any time. You can increase the value of their HP and MP by adding them CP. CP is the premium currency in this game. Without CP, you can do nothing with your units. As we have found that many players are using Call of Duty Global Operations hack to generate CP to their accounts, so if you don’t do this, you will stay far behind of your opponents. Once you have enough CP, we suggest you upgrade the core units firstly. By doing this, you will have more opportunities to recruit rare units in the later stage!

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Join a alliance. You can learn more useful skills from your alliance. So we strongly recommend you joining a alliance. Alliances allow you to test your new-made tactics and remade your units without damaging your statistics. It is also a fast way to improve your gaming skills. Because you can learn more new and working tactics from the experienced players! So once you join a alliance, don’t hesitate to take advantage of its benefits.

At last, we hope our Call of Duty Global Operations cheats and tips will help you out in taking your full steps into this amazing MMO mobile game.