Candy Crush Friends Saga Cheats

Candy Crush Friends Saga Cheats – Fast Gold Bars Hack

Enjoy your virtual candy with this new candy match puzzle game on iOS – Candy Crush Friends Saga. Your goal in this game is to match as many candy as possible. You and your friends will joint together to create sweet confectionery combinations and plague blockers in candy Kingdom. If you are familiar with Candy Crush, you should be fine to play this new series. If you want to get the highest score, you’ll need the help of our exclusive Candy Crush Friends Saga cheats tips and tricks below.



Try to match more candy in this puzzle game. Don’t just impulsively match the first three candy, you will get better scores with more candy. It takes a while to master the ability to discover these confectionery clusters, so you need to play a lot to fit the pattern. It is important that you have plans when you enter the stage instead of randomly matching candy. Always evaluate your board of directors to see if you can create some possible combinations that are close to each other through a set of candies. As you have no idea when the combination happen, you should clean up the right candy to increase the chance to combine.

You need energy to clean up the stage, so every point of energy has a long way to go. Your candy friends are your allies, they will help you break ranks. Inviting friends to the game will give you more energy. The energy gain is the smallest, but it is better than nothing. The game allows you to show off your high marks to your friends, put your friends in a sticker book and change their clothes. The other way to get energy it to use gold bars. It is a premium currency in the game. The more gold you have, the more energy you will own. Gold bars need to be purchase with real money in the game store. However, you have another way to acquire gold bars now. Below Candy Crush Friends Saga Hack Mod engine will generate full gold bars to your account in a safe mode.


use Candy Crush Friends Saga mod


By following all these Candy Crush Friends Saga cheats tips, you will understand the best way to play the game easily. So take part in this epic candy story with your friends to find out who will get the highest score.