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City Island 5 Cheats – Tips for more gold and Cash Hack

Have you ever thought about building your own city? City Island 5 – Tycoon Building Offline Sim Game is the new series of city island game. In the game, you will turn your small village into the big modern city with your amazing design and construct. The most attractive thing is that the game has brought offline feature for all players. So you can play it without network connection. As we all know, a well management skill is the key to be succeed in simulation game. Read our City Island 5 cheats and tips will help you master these skills quickly!

At the beginning of the game, you only have a limited building area to build your construction. So how to decide your first building is very important to the game progress. Based on our experience, you should focus on small stores firstly. Theses stores will not cost you much building area, but the profit return will be enough to help you open another area. Once you have a new building area, you should consider to start your own building. When talking to building a city, you have to make plans for you roads construction.

Roads are the bridges to connect your cities together. When you are building a road, you should place it into the core area of your city. By doing this, you will decrease the traffic pressure of your city. The most ideal model might be to lead roads to the edge and center of the building area. This will cost you less building area.

Gold and Cash are two main currency in city island 5. You need lots of gold and cash to build and upgrade your buildings. Once you reach level 20, you will find that you always lack of money to buy a extend building area. Some players even stuck in this issue until they spend their hard earned money to purchase in-game currency. Don’t be upset. If you don’t want to spend your real world money, you can try City Island 5 hack. This latest cheat will generate large amount of resources to your game account with a few easy clicks.

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By reaching a certain threshold in the experience bar, you will reach a new level. Once you reach the required level, the game will reward you an opportunity to enter a new building! So you have to try your best to improve your levels as high as you can, so that you can access more fantasy building in this game!

Last but not least, you have to be patient when playing this game. Rush will lead you failure. So stick to this City Island 5 cheats and tips, give more patient, you will eventually build your own dream city!