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Clear Vision 4 Cheats – 3 Minutes for unlimited Gold Hack

The popular Clear Vision series is coming back with Clear Vision 4 – the latest version of free sniper game. We are the first to share this amazing sniper game. Your goal is to help Tyler get his hitter career back on track by doing a lot of customized sniper tasks. So if you’re ready to play the game and enjoy all the action it promises, we suggest you read these Clear Vision 4 cheats and tips.



As you might know from other shooting games, you have to aim at the enemy’s head. When you aim, make sure the marking is in the red line. After waiting for a few seconds, you will see a small white cross in the middle of the enemy’s head. Put that mark on the point to point, and you’ll get a perfect shot. In this way you will kill the enemy immediately. What’s better, when you have a perfect shot, you will get best rewards. Make good use of an exploding gun, which give you the large scope of target killing at one shot. Pay attention to the shooting point when you use this type of gun. You should focus on the red painted barrels before you fire your exploding gun. The most important part is that you have to compensate for the wind, not just the distance when you shoot.

When you have money in your pocket, you should consider to upgrade your gun. The most useful upgrade is the inhibition upgrade, which allows you to shoot silently. The more upgrade points you add to the suppressing layer, the more silent shots you can launch. Upgrading will cost you gold in the game. It is not easy to collect large amount of gold in the game. Most players want to find a free way to get gold fast and safe. So we present you Clear Vision 4 hack below, by using Clear Vision 4 mod online, players have a instant access to their most wanted resources without paying money.


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As said before, gold can be acquired by hitting perfect shots. If you need more gold upgrades, you should finish the top task of the main menu. Unlike the main tasks, you can redo simple tasks as frequently as possible, by which you will get more rewards after winning. If you are following all these Clear Vision 4 Cheats properly, then you can be a good sniper soon.