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Cookie Swirl World Cheats – Tips for more Rainbow Gems Hack

Cookie Swirl World comes from the idea of CookieSwirlc channel. The game is designed for all age and gender players, so the natural difficulty is very low. Its game mechanism is quite simple. However, if you want to be the master of this game, you should prepare yourself to be dedicated and passionate player. Our Cookie Swirl World cheats and tips will help you find the fastest path to become a real master in this cookie world!

Pick your favorite pet! When you start your journey in Cookie Swirl World, you will be asked to choose your pet as your partner. There are more than three pets you can choose from the game. They are all cute. So you don’t have to bother which one you should pick, just choose the one which you think it is lovely.

How to make your pet happy? This is the most asked question in the community. Well, you can follow below tips to please your pet:

  • Buy sweet food for your pet. Each pet designed in this game will love sugary food. So buying them their favorite food will please them quickly especially when they are in hunger.
  • Buy toys for your pet. Toys are the necessary items to please your pet. Because each pet spends the most time on playing. Some of them like playing baseball, some of them like beach ball. You need to find out which is your pet’s favorite toy to make them happy.
  • You need to make your pet look beautiful to please them. So you have to dress up your pet with their favorite clothes and wearings.

All the above actions require you have lots of game currency – rainbow gems. You need them to buy all your pet’s favorite stuffs. Rainbow gems can be rewarded by daily login. However, the amount of rewarded gems are not enough for most players to buy more things. Another option is to spend your real money to get rainbow gems in game store. Sometimes, there will be a promotion deal package which will give you big discount of buying gems. You can pay attention to those promotion days. If you don’t want to use your real cash, but you need to get lots of rainbow gems, we suggest you make use of Cookie Swirl World hack. It is a online working cheat engine which will generate full gems pack to your account.

use Cookie Swirl World mod

Take part in the mini games. Cookie Swirl World has provided players more than one mini games to play with. Playing these mini games will give you opportunity to earn more rewards in the game. So we advise you to spend more time on these mini games if you are available!

That’s all our Cookie Swirl World cheats and tips. If you have other tricks want to share with us, don’t forget to contact us via email! Thanks for reading!