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Cyber Hunter Cheats – Tips for more platinum hack

Cyber Hunter is a sandbox mobile game. The game includes more than one element in order to provide you brand new gaming experience. You can experience survival, shooting, parkour and other skills in this game. You will make use of quantum robots to help you in all situation in this game. The game provides players large number of tactical skills to help them fight against their enemies. Even you can create your own tactical system. If you want to stand out of your opponent, you need good combat tactics. Fortunately, our Cyber Hunter cheats and tips will help you reach your goal.

Role customization has made the game stand out of their competitors. Once you enter into the game, you will be asked to customize your character. Based on our experience, you can adjust your character’s eyes, face, skins and so on. The most attractive part to most players should be skins change. This will make your character different from other players. At the beginning of the game, there is no more option for you to change your skin. Because you only have one skin in your inventory. You need fund to unlock more skins in the game.

Weapons are the important items in this game. Each of them has its own unique ability. For example, therapeutic shotgun – which is a gun that can heal your wound. To get these rare weapons, you need spend platinum (a premium currency in this game). Platinum is really hard to earn in this game. You can only buy it through in game store with real world money. That’s big cost for most players. If you want to get a few amount of platinum free, we suggest you try Cyber Hunter hack. With the help of Cyber Hunter cheat, you can easily generate full amount of platinum in a few seconds.

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Get a powerful vehicle. Getting on the vehicle allows you to move quickly between different locations. They are usually implemented with high damage weapons. You can also run over your enemy with your vehicle. However, you should keep in mind that vehicle will make a lot of noise and attract a lot of attention. So when your are using them, you should prepare to handle lots of enemies. That’s way we suggest you find a powerful vehicle with heave weapons on it.

This is all about Cyber Hunter cheats and tips. By following them, we can say that you will dominate the game quickly and easily!