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Dank Tanks is an interesting casual mobile game which relies on a simple strategy – 3v3 combat tank warfare. In the game you can build your own tank from scratch and use it to destroy your opponents. Players must explore each map and game mode to find your best tank. Each map will rotate a game mode each hour. So you have to prepare the right tank for every map. We will share some useful cheats and tips for you to learn how to defeat tanks to professional level.



Dank Tanks provide a large number of powerful tanks for players to choose. So the first thing you need to be familiar with your battle style. Each tank also have different weapons to equip. Each weapon is different, and players will be challenged to discover their respective uses and scopes. All you have to do is find the best tanks suits you. Once you have choose your tank, you should put it into battle map at once. When your tanks run out of ammunition, you should leave the battle for a few seconds to restore your tank’s health.

Equipment upgrading can produce huge differences in combat. So once you have gems in your hand, you should make a plan to upgrade your tanks. Upgrading usually make your tanks’ weapons more powerful and reusable. There are there types of guns you can choose to improve: rapid fire chain guns, shotguns, short range electric bursts. If you are lack of gems, you don’t need to upgrade each gun you own. You should upgrade smartly in this situation. Another option for you is to make use of Dank Tanks hack, which has ability to generate instant gems to your game account.

Teamwork is very important in this game. As you may know this is a 3v3 combat game, so you have to rely on your teammates to fight. Fighting with your teammates, your firepower will greatly increased, and finally you will win the glory of battle together. What’s more, you will win more chest and valuable upgrade in this way.


use Dank Tanks mod


Once your tanks reach level six, you will find out it is not easy to win. This is because your enemies have more powerful resources. So the only way to succeed is to earn more more gems as soon as possible. You may pay money to but lots of gems. But this will cost you much real money. Most players will try another way – find a working Dank Tanks hack or mod. I think it is a good choices to get free gems fast in the game.

The above cheats and tricks will help you build a powerful tank. Also you will win each tank battle easily by using Dank Tanks hack.