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Epic Seven Cheats – Tips to get Unlimited Skystone hack

Epic Seven is an exciting RPG mobile game. It is getting good feedback after its global launch. More and more players star to play this game as its fantasy story lines and amazing animation design. The game is set on a great land, where you and your friends needed to maintain the peace of the land. You will meet seven heroes while enjoying your adventure. You need to summon them to help you with the fight. If this is your first time to play this game, we recommend that take a look at our Epic Seven cheats and tips.

Find more heroes as soon as you can. Once you star your adventure in the unknown world, you need supports from your heroes. So the first thing you need to do is capturing heroes as soon as possible. Once you have hero, you should integrate it to your team. Fusion of your heroes may give you some obvious advantages in battle, so if you can do that, go for it. Another tips you should remember is that – Don’t be afraid to sacrifice any heroes you don’t need anymore. You only have seven slots for heroes’ integrated. So you should abandon some useless heroes.

Heroes’ integrated is not enough to win a battle. You have to increase the power of your heroes and equip them with rare weapons and armor. You can do all these things in the characters’ upgrade section located in the top menu. There is one more item you need to do this job. Skystone is the item you need. Where you are fighting against your enemies, you should figure out how to earn a big amount of skystone. Generally, players can get some skystones after they completed the specific tasks. But that’s not enough to make your heroes most strong. You need more skystone for the rare equipment. Using Epic Seven hack is the most convenient way to get unlimited skystone in this game. You just need to spend some minutes on Epic Seven mod to get resource.

use Epic Seven mod

Repeat the failed battle until you win it. The good design of this game is that it let you replay the battle which you failed before. By doing this, your heroes will get more experience from the battles. It also give your heroes a great chance to level up fast.

That’s all for Epic Seven cheats and tips. We hope you do learn something useful from this guide. So that you can make your epic fighting easier.