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Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain Cheats

Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain Cheats – More amethysts hack

Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain is a classic RPG mobile game. This RPG type clicker game combines endless tapping and idle machinery technology together, which will bring you hours of killing fun! You can collect more than hundreds of unique artifacts to strong your characters’ performance. By overcoming hundreds of ranks in the endless attacks of the enemy, you will eventually reach your final mission. Our Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain cheats and tips will give you the most helpful information to achieve your goal.

Tap quickly as long as you can. The more clicks per second, the more combo attacks you will output and the greater the damage to your enemy. To maximize your damage, we suggest you place your mobile device on a flat surface then hit it with your strong finger crazily. This is how the advanced players kill hundreds of enemies within three minutes.

Use skills wisely. Sometimes you will encounter some strong enemies who can’t be defeated by normal attacks. In this case, you have to release your skill to help you know down your enemy. But you should keep in mind that, once your skills are released, they need time to recharge. If you don’t want to wait for the next skill release, you can use amethysts to shorten the recharge time. Amethysts is a premium currency in the game. The most easy way to get them so far is using Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain hack. By using this tool, your account will easily be full of amethysts.

use Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain mod

Amethysts can be also used to upgrade your weapons. If you want to stay competitive in this game, you have to upgrade your weapons regularly. A good way to invest your amethysts is to wait until you have 50 amethysts before upgrading your first weapon, which will give you two times exp than usual upgrading. If you are lacking of amethysts, you can sell your unwanted treasures to buy upgrade package. Or you can just make use of our hacking service mentioned before to get upgrade.

Spend time on watching Ads. The game allows you to get some spins by watching video advertisement. The more ads you watch, the more spins you will earn. Once you have lots of spins, that means you have more chance to get more amethysts. As you will get a gift reward after each spinning. So when you have enough time, we recommend you do more ads watching.

This is all about Eternal Senia Hydrangea After the Rain cheats and tips, if you have great tricks want to share with us, don’t hesitate to email us! Have a good tapping!