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F1 Mobile Racing Cheats – 3 Minutes guide to hack credits

F1 Mobile Racing is The Codemasters Software’s new racing game released for iOS and Android mobile devices. You will be responsible for assembling your own car, from steering wheel to rim. The goal is to develop and customize your own F1 racing car from the ground. You can hire a crew members to help you race against the world’s greatest drivers. In order to improve your performance level in the f1 racing, we are here to give you some useful F1 Mobile Racing cheats and tips.



The first thing you should do is to hire a crew, which will gives you permanent help in the future racing. It’s always a good idea to have some of pro members work for your racing team. There are ten tracks in the F1 racing, and each track consists of five races. Every time you finish a track, one of the circles will get a green check mark. Every time you finish a league, you get all kinds of prizes. You can use this reward to upgrade your cars. Make sure you spend some time on upgrading your car. The bigger the upgrade, the more benefits you get in racing. You need credits to upgrade your cars. You can try F1 Mobile Racing hack to generate credits to your account.

The skills also play important part in the game besides the car itself. So you should pay attention to the skill status. You can find it on top of the game menu. Make sure you understand the different effects of each skill and carefully to choose which skill you need to keep. One of the best skills you can unlock in the game is the automatic driving, which allows you drive a car without touching.

Once you are in the last race of the final tracks, you will find it is hard to catch up with others. At this time you need power boosters to help you. Buying boosters is the key to improve your cars’ speed. Credit is the only way to get boosters. So you have must earn credits as fast as you can. You can also use credits to unlock new powerful cars. If you have trouble to get many credits in a short time, you should ask F1 Mobile Racing hack for help.


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You need to keep upgrading your cars and racing skills in order to complete other players in the final challenge. We hope you can learn the secrets of this tutorial. Finally you will make your way to the top flight in F1 Mobile Racing.