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Fantasy Heroes Demon Rising Cheats – Get more diamonds hack

Fantasy Heroes Demon Rising is a VR-like 3D RPG mobile game. You’ll pick up a new group of heroes to embark on a new epic journey. There are more than hundred heroes for you to recruit, each with its own set of abilities to help you fight against the evil. The big difference between Demon Rising game and other RPG game is that this game has introduced a VR-Like system, which will let you freely switch your eyes to enjoy the wonderful effect while your are fighting. To help you get used to this game quickly, we provide Fantasy Heroes Demon Rising cheats and tips below.

Understanding different class of your heroes! The game introduces three class to your hero. Understanding how each class works will help you make better decisions when you build your team.

  • Melee/Range Attack: You can find it is the common role in all most RPG game. This type role is usually used to make damage to your enemy. Their attack point is very high, but usually with low health point.
  • Defense: This type role is always should be your first-line heroes, as they have high health and protection points. They can block most of the damage from your enemy.
  • Support: Be careful with this type. They usually have the weakest damage output, including physical and magical. However, they will give your your hero rapid recovery and support capabilities.

Once you have learned all the three class, you should continue to recruit your hero. The basic point is that collect heroes as many as you can, so that you have many choices to form your powerful team.

The higher your heroes’ grade are, the stronger they are. You can raise your hero level by collecting hero cards. These cards are usually purchased with diamonds (primary currency in this game). The most convenient way to earn diamonds right now is using Fantasy Heroes Demon Rising hack. It will give you instant access to all the resources in this game including diamonds. So if you are in need of unlimited diamonds, don’t be hesitated to give this cheat a try.

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There are two types of skills in this game: passive and active. Passive skills, as the name said, they do not need to be used manually. They usually have immediate effects on your enemy. On the other hand, active skills must be triggered in combat. These skills are set by advanced players. If they are used properly, they can help you reverse the dangerous situation.

This is all about Fantasy Heroes Demon Rising cheats and tips. Use them wisely can help you overcome all the difficulties when fighting against evil!