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Flip Skater Cheats – Tips for getting unlimited gems hack

Flip Skater is a new sport mobile game which will give you a thrilling journey on the half-pipe. You can collect new characters while performing skills on skateboards. To get more rewards in the game, you have to avoid obstacles and keep doing some amazing tricks like frontal flying. If you are a new player, you may find it difficult to handle all these things. Don’t be afraid! We are here to share some useful Flip Skater cheats and tips to help you conquer the fears!



Try your best to finish every completion! As you know, the game will judge you based on your score and the time remaining after completion. In order to get high score, you need to keep your speed as fast as you can in a balance way. Which means that when your path is smooth, you can make some tricks like rocket flying to earn more points. Conversely, if you are skating in a path full of obstacles, you have to slow down your speed to avoid such obstacles. As for the tricks, we suggest you do more spinning in mid-air. This action not only help you avoid most obstacles in the path, but also make your performance look perfect. The longer your spinning time is, the more point you will get in the end. So just make yourself spin as long as you can in the air.

Try to unlock more new characters and new skateboards! We can confirm that there are many hidden characters and skateboard in this game. You need to spend time and gems to unlock them. Many players find it hard to earn gems in the game. So we share Flip Skater hack below to help you generate unlimited gems. Using this hacking service is a good start for new players. Once you have a new character, you need to learn everything about its stats and skills. So that you can be familiar with their controls. Similarly, when you get a new skateboard, you should check its skill list carefully. The more you know about your skateboard, you will do amazing action tricks as you wish anytime and anywhere!


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Make good use of time bonus. When you are almost out of time in a completion, you should get some time bonus to extent the time limits. They are distributed at all levels. You should easy to find one. When you are going to catch time bonus, you should focus on the long time bonus which will give you the most time extention in the game.

This is all our Flip Skater cheats and tips. If you have another suggestion for flip skater game, please do let us know!