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Forged Fantasy is a hero based collection RPG game. The game features incredible story-line, real-time combat and gorgeous graphics. You can forged your team in many different ways. Most of the powerful troops are expensive if you don’t pay attention to the hero costs. However, if you stick to our Forged Fantasy cheats and tips, you will build you own strong hero team with the lowest cost. We don’t want to wast your time. So let’s get to our topic now!

Always test your hero team. After you build your team, the first thing you should do is to test its ability. Many players will test their team through battle against AI. However, we do not suggest you doing this. Because artificial intelligence battles are not enough to discover how good your new hero team is. The best way to test your team is to take part in the PVP mode. In this mode, you will fight against with real players around the world. The greatest benefit is that you can always learn something from PVP battle no matter win or lost in the fighting.

Try hard to unlock more hero. The more heroes you own in the game, the more powerful formation you can create for the fighting. You can get new hero by opening hero chest. If you need more heroes, you have to own more hero chests. You can get hero chest by randomly rewards or purchase them with gems (game currency). Here, we focus on the second way. Because we can not control the random system.

In another words, we have to find ways to get lots of gems in this game in order to get more new heroes. Generally speaking, most players will earn gems by completing the in-game missions. However, it is not a effective method to collect large amount of gems. What’s worst, sometimes, you only get a few gems after doing many tasks. This is a time consuming job to most players. We strongly advise you make use of Forged Fantasy hack. Such hacking service will generate full amount of resources to your game account within a few minutes.

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Join a suitable clan. Joining a clan gives you many benefits, but don’t just join the first one you find. You must spend time on doing some research before joining your decided clan. Your goal is to join a higher badge member club which will help you a lot in PVP fighting.

Finally, we hope this guide will help you destroy enemy bases as much as possible and earn a lot of rewards.