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Game of Thrones Winter is Coming Cheats – Tips for more diamonds hack

Good news for game of thrones fans. You can play Game of Thrones Winter is Coming game in your browsers now. The game is a massive multiplayer online real-time strategic game. The theme is based on the winter is coming story. You can lead your own families, collect enough resources and units, form alliances with your strategy , and manage your army in the game. You have to protect your house from being attacked. There are lots of things you need to learn in the game. But don’t worry, our Game of Thrones Winter is Coming cheats and tips will help you get through all the steps.

Focus on the power of your house. The game mainly focus on how to destroy other’s houses and protect your own house. First, you need to know the power of your own house. The power of a house is measured by the data you see in the middle of the top of right screen. The power data will increase accordingly after you win a battle or conquer a city. Knowing the power of a house is very important when you are going to attack others’ house. It will tell you how strong your opponents are. If you find your opponents’ level is far more stronger than yours, you should stay away from it. To make sure you have a better chance of winning, you should choose the houses which have significantly lower level than yours to attack.

Focus on training of your troops. As you progress more deep in the game, you will unlock more troops to join your families. Once you have lots of troops in your hands, you’d better pick some of them to go to the training courses. Otherwise, you will face and fail more tough battles in the later game play. All trainings should contains barracks, stables and shooting ranges. By doing this, you will help your troops enter into a high level performance. During the training courses, you need diamonds to help you speed up the progress. It is not easy to earn diamonds in the game. We suggest you try Game of Thrones Winter is Coming hack to help you earn diamonds. It has been tested by many players. This hacking service works smoothly so far.

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Keep your producer structures working all the time. Producer structures such as sawmills or farms should be keep on working during your game play. They are your main resources streams. They can help you raise your families, supply necessary materials for your house. They should not stop working even in battles. So make sure your have deployed enough army to protect them.

Theses are all tips and cheats for Game of Thrones Winter is Coming game. We hope you get the useful information from it.