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Garena Contra Return Cheats – Get fast Diamonds Hack

Garena Contra Return is the latest version of the classic sequel game shadow gun series. Join our legendary heroes Bill and Lance, who are fighting threats to aliens and together we will save the world! Customize your own combat style over 500 unique weapons and hundreds of armor pieces. When you star to play this game, make sure you have checked our cheats tips below firstly, so that you can learn everything you need to know before the battle begins!

When you start the game, you will be asked to create your own character. Once you have completed the role creation, you will enter the new mission, and you will see your starting status. The first thing you should do once you star is to master control. It will take some time to get used to, and many new players will be confused. Pay close attention to your first task, as it will give you some useful information about how the game story runs. Garena Contra Return supports multiple game modes. You can working with friends in a two person mode. The earlier campaign was designed for new players. They help you familiarise yourself with the combat system and give you experience and equipment. Once you get used to the game fighting system, you can join a big players group to help your success.

The most exciting thing in Garena Contra Return is that you can customize your weapons and conquer battlefields. However, these action will cost you diamond. Think twice when you invest diamond on upgrading your inventory. The cheapest inventory upgrade will give you 80 stock tanks and eight extra backpack space. Once you are lack of diamond, and you do not want to spend money on it, you should ask our Garena Contra Return hack for help. This cheat will give you full access to the game resource instantly in a safe mode.

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If you have experience in shooting games, you will know that heading is the best time to defeat your opponent quickly. Try to aim at the head of the target as much as possible, especially when you are in the combat mode. You can unlock special skills and different combinations of heroes when you completing the daily missions. Skills can make a huge difference in combat, so make sure you get involved. It’s time to conquer the world with your friends. Stick to our Garena Contra Return Cheats tips to ensure you will win every battle.