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Golf Battle Cheats – 4 minutes tutorial to get gems hack

Are you a big fans of golf game? If yes, you should not miss Miniclip’s new sport game – Golf Battle. It is a multiplayer games with custom clubs and custom courses. You will have great fun in challenging your friends and competitors. Though, the game is simple to play, if you want to be a pro golf player, you may need some Golf Battle cheats tips and tricks for help. So let’s begin our Golf Battle tutorial.



The first basic thing you should do is learn to land your ball properly. As you may noticed the terrain is often distorted and steep, so you need to focus on far more position. Keep in mind that your ball will play forward several times and cover several feet even you target the right hole. In order to not make your ball bounces off the landing point, you should aim high. Before each shot, always check if you can strike even the father and get closer to the needle. Don’t always trust the system’s recommended landing path, you should be confident with your own decision. Sometime, you can easily reach your goal by dragging your target more far.

Every time you win a classic round of the game, you will get some chest as reward. You should open them as soon as possible, as these chests contain gems and coins. Gems will help you get a new club and upgrade your existing clubs. What’s more, you will receive new custom balls randomly in these rewards. In order to get the most gems, you have to make sure you try your best to win each match. Another simple way to get lots of free gems is make use of Golf Battle hack. According to many users’ feedback, using hacks service like this will make your game play more smoothly.


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Each time you beat your opponent and win the trophy, you will enter into a new course. The high level the course is, the more difficulty you will meet. But the core concept will not never be changed. Every time before you decide to strike your ball, remember to pay attention to the wind or power reduction indicator in the corner of the screen. Once you are sure about the landing path, you just need to hit the ball as hard as possible.

That’s all cheats for Golf Battle game. I am sure that, with this tutorial, you will know how to take advantage of your opponents’ weakness and beat them easily.