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Grancrest War Quartet Conflict Cheats – Guides to hack Stone

Grancrest War Quartet Conflict is a brand new 3D action RPG mobile game. Its story is base on the popular Japanese anime. In addition to fighting with your characters, you can summon some strong monster to destroy your enemies. The game use a card control system to move your characters. Even new players can enjoy real-time action fighting with a easy card control. But if you want to be a pro player, you still need to master some deep fighting skills. Our Grancrest War Quartet Conflict cheats tips and guide to tell you how to do this.



The basic thing your should learn is to master the basic motion control on touch screen. Once you enter the game, you will notice that you have four roles in your party. It is easy to control your characters, you just need to hold a thumb on the screen and drag it to the direction you want to move. You can choose to manually control all four roles at once or you can take partial control one of them. The good thing for partial control is that you have more flexible assignment to your characters.

All characters have their own special skills. Be familiar with the skills of each role can help you make the right fighting order in battle fight. With the increasing levels of each role, the players need to make all the skills are updated and reusable. At this moment, crest stone will do the right job for you. All the weapons and skills’ upgrading cost you crest stone – a premium item in the game. Some players are struggle in getting fast stone. For gathering a good amount of stone, you can choose the way of Grancrest War Quartet Conflict hack.


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Make a plan to strengthen your most used character. Once you reach level six, you will find it is hard to fight against your enemy. At this time, you should focus on improving your characters’ fighting point. The most direct way to do is always remember to keep your equipment updated. Take time to check how to make a strong equipment to your role. As we mentioned before, you can make use of Grancrest War Quartet Conflict hack mod service to earn rare equipment.

Sometimes, dodging is a best way to fight a battle. As you progress fast, you will know that there are special skills from bosses will give you more damage. These attacks will definitely hurt you, or worse, kill you. So you should try your best to avoid these attacks.

Now you have know how to get more stone to backup your fighting skill. Just remember what you learned from Grancrest War Quartet Conflict cheats listed above to ensure your success.