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GrandChase Cheats – 4 minutes guide to hack more gems

GrandChase global mobile version is finally out for worldwide players now! If you have not play this game before, you should head over to iTunes or Googleplay store to get it and play. In this game, you need to recruit other heroes to fight a big war against evil soldiers. There are hundreds of bosses, big demons, and other evil creatures that you need to eliminate. Your gather and slay journey just begin, make sure you read our GrandChase cheats and tips below to ensure your success.



Collect more heroes. There are more than 60 unique heroes designed in this game. If you work hard at gathering heroes, your starting team formation will soon be replaced by a better one. You will find that each stage will give you a chance to pick up gems. So pay attention to the mission overview, you will know which task will get you more gems. Once you collect enough gems, you can use them to unlock new heroes. So you can see that finding more gems in the game is the key to unlock more heroes. We recommend you using some hacking service to earn gems.

We list some easy ways below to help you get more gems:

  1. Log in every day for gems reward – When you log in for the first time every day, click on the “Daily Bonus” tab on the top right corner of the screen, you will get some gems.
  2. Looking for the long-term tasks – You can check the mission menu to find out which task is a long-term type, then complete it, you will get major gems rewards.
  3. Buy gems pack in game store – When you decide to purchase a gems package, remember to check if there is a group buy option, this will give you a big discount on that deal.
  4. Try GrandChase hack – Many players are willing to use such hacking service to earn gems nowadays, as they find it easy and convenient.


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Once you have enough heroes, you can choose the best to join your team. Before making your decision, make sure you have carefully considered the skills of each hero. Your goal is to try to create a team that maintains a good balance between attack and defense. If you find a versatile hero, you have to put it in your team without doubt. Always try to make a good plan to promote your heroes. This will keep your heroes competitive in the battle. As each hero needs different set of necessities to be promoted, so you have to check to see what they need one by one.

Gather your strong heroes team to defeat the evils, you will never feel uncomfortable if you stick to our GrandChase cheats tips.