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Harold Family is a house decorating type puzzle game. You mission is to create a home with Harold together. In order to build a warm and harmonious house, you need to complete the puzzle to renovate every part of the house. The game offers many customization options so that you can make Harold ‘s house shine! Like most puzzle games, Harold Family is easy to play. However, there are some secrets you might not notice in this game, so be sure to read our Harold Family Cheats and tips to make everything clear.



Focus on your goals. Each stage of the game has its own mission. You should make sure you understand the goals of each stage. Otherwise, you just waste your time and get nothing return. When you complete a set of puzzle, make sure you don’t go rush, because you may have used up all your moves before you reach your goal. Most of the stages require you to remove certain tiles from the board to clear the mission. Some of them even ask you to collect specific items to unlock the box. Before your move, think about all the conditions and see which one needs high priority. Generally speaking, any condition that needs to remove certain tiles from the board is a good start.

Pick the right time to use your booster. Booster is a powerful helper when you are stuck in movements. They are hard to get, they are usually exchanged by coins, , so it’s best to use them only when you’re really in trouble. To exchange a booster, you need to go to in-game store to purchase with coins. The more coins you own, the more boosters you will have in the game. So, there are so many players dreaming of having lots of coins in their accounts. We could sat that this is not a dream anymore, with Harold Family hack, you can easily own coins as many as you wish. So this is a good idea to have more boosters in the game.


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Build the house base on Harold’s idea. Once you have enough stars and coins, you can start to build a house for Harold. You can’t just choose any place to build the house. You must follow the guide Harold gave you. After the completion of the house building, you will be asked to select the specific design part you want. Just pick the one which suits Harold’s requirement best.

That’s all for Harold Family cheats and tips. We hope you get the key concept about how to build a warm house and decorate it shine with Harold.