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Helix Waltz Dress Up Drama Cheats

Helix Waltz Dress Up Drama Cheats – Tips to get diamonds hack

Helix Waltz Dress Up Drama is an amazing dress up type mobile game. You need to dress appropriately, behave appropriately in the dancing party. All you do is for climbing up to the top of the social ladder. You want to restore your family’s reputation and honor. So you have to make your best to perform well in the dances. You have to collect hundreds of different clothes according to different themes, such as Europe, antique beauty, fairy tales and so on. Here we provide Helix Waltz Dress Up Drama cheats and tips to help you reveal the secrets that have not yet been disclosed.

Try your best to dress up like a noble. You need to know which clothes are suited for special events. You have to dye your clothes in a unique way. So that you will be the unique dancers in the party. To make a unique outfit, you need to buy unique dyestuffs and fabrics from starlight store. All these processing costs a lot of resources, including diamonds and coins. However, you only have limited amount of resources in the early stage of the game. So you have to make sure you only deal with the best outfits. Don’t wast diamonds only in clothes processing.

Make a plan to deal with the repetitive clothes. As you collect more clothes every day, you will eventually find some duplicated ones in the game. Don’t just skip them. The good way to handle these clothes is decomposing them. Once you decompose them, you will find a variety of craft materials. You can make a rare outfits by combining diamonds and these materials together.

You may already noticed that earning unlimited diamonds is the key to succeed in this game. There are some ways you can follow to get diamonds.

  • Finish daily tasks – You only need to spend a few minutes to do daily tasks to get diamonds rewards. But you should remember that each task can be only done once a day.
  • Inviting friends to play – Invite your friends to play this game via social media will also give you some diamonds. As an additional benefit, you can also unlock a special events for your friends.
  • Using Helix Waltz Dress Up Drama hack – This is my favorite method to get diamonds. You just need to do some easy clicks and inputs for receiving lots of diamonds.

use Helix Waltz Dress Up Drama mod

Even you have lots of diamonds in your hands, you should not spend them without limits. We suggest you save them. By doing this, you won’t be in trouble when the right thing comes. That’s all our Helix Waltz Dress Up Drama cheats and tips, if you have another good ideas to share with us, do not hesitate to contact us.