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Homerun Clash is a baseball related sport game. Players from all over the world will gather into one battlefield to win trophies. The game allows you to play the most exciting competition on the top stadium around the world. You can recruit and develop your own roster. Increase the number of players of your team, lead them to the league championship! In case you need help to reach your goal, we share the latest Homerun Clash cheats and tips below for your reference.

Know your players’ stats. Before each match, you should check your players’ information carefully through the stats menu. Energy status is the first thing you should focus on. This indicates your player’s body condition. If you find the energy bar is almost empty, you should not push your players. Otherwise, it will feel exhausted eventually. Once you find your current player is tired, we suggest you rotate another one to take part in the competition. Also, you can use energy drinks to refill your player’s energy if you want to.

Spend time on competing achievements. In order to get the most reward, you need to take part in the tasks the game assigned to you. Once you win such competition, you will get gems reward. Gems are very important in this game. You need gems to purchase strong equipment and upgrade your players’ skills. Both of them will make your players more stronger and unbeatable. With more gems, you can easily reach the set milestones. You may surprised at so many players can easily get large amount of gems with in a short time without payment. Well, the truth is they are using Homerun Clash hack to generate resources to their game account! This kind of cheats indeed help you a lot in playing Homerun Clash game.

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You need hard swing. In order to make the ball farther than usual, you have to swing hard. At first, you may feel it difficult to finish such swing. You need practice more on strength output. Once you are used to it, you can make a strong strike which will send the ball across the court. We strongly recommend every player to master the landing power strikes which will increase your chances of winning the game.

At last, we hope you enjoy our Homerun Clash cheats and tips. If you have another tricks want to share with us, don’t hesitate to email us! Have a nice striking, guys!