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I Am Monster Idle Destruction Cheats – Get more crystals hack

I Am Monster Idle Destruction is a game which allow you to become a monster to destroy and crush any things around you.  Your goal is simple – just smash as much as you in the city. The game is designed to familiarize players with the game mechanism at first. So you can easily take control your monsters. However, when you reach high level mission, you will notice the crazy increase in difficulty. You don’t have to complain about this. As we will give you I Am Monster Idle Destruction cheats and tips to improve your skills.

Keep track on your monster’s energy. The basic thing you should keep in mind that no matter where you are destroying, you should always pat attention to your monsters’ energy bar. This bar indicate your monster’s current energy level. Once it turn into zero, your monster will not smash and destroy any more. Some basic attacks will consumes little of your energy. The most consume part is the high level combat system. So it is recommended to keep the powerful melee attack combinations to the boss fighting.

Spend some time on studying your monsters’ skills. Your monster has a attack area of effect, and using skills beyond that area will not cause any damage. So before you release your monster’s skill, you should know its effective area clearly. Otherwise, you will lose your energy attack without doubt.  To make more damage to the buildings, you have to upgrade your monsters. Crystals are the necessary items during the upgrade process. They can be earned by accomplishing certain goals and defeating difficult tasks in a trapped city. Also using I Am Monster Idle Destruction hack is always a fast way to get more crystals in this game.

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Once you have reach a considerable amount of crystals, you should use them to unlock new powerful monsters. As you progress fast in the game, you will eventually meet some architecture which can not be destroyed by your current monster. So you have to get new powerful monsters to make your game progress forward. As you complete more and more difficult missions, your crystals collection will continue to grow. Your monster’s skill will increase more than before.

Once you unlock all the monsters in the game, there is no more buildings you can not destroy. On that day,  your monsters will become invincible in the trapped city!