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Idle Cooking Tycoon Cheats

Idle Cooking Tycoon Cheats – 3 Minutes guide to hack more gems

Are you ready to build your own bakery empire? If yes, you should start to play Idle Cooking Tycoon. In the game, you play the role of a chef, who prepares to make himself become the world’s richest pastry cook. You have to create fantastic recipes and improve your bakery every day to satisfy your customers. In order to help you open more restaurants and sell more food, we suggest you read below Idle Cooking Tycoon cheats tips and tricks carefully.



Learn to make your fist simple recipes. This is the basic knowledge you should master when start this game. If you see two or more of the same food adjacent to each other, you should combine them into one big part. This will help you create a larger food portfolio. To create a new recipes, you need to find more ingredients and cooking formula. They can be found in cooking library and trading in the cooking market. Once you arrived in the cooking market, you need spend gems to get ingredients. The more gems you have, the more ingredients you can buy. We strongly recommend you to make use of Idle Cooking Tycoon hack service to earn gems. It is a safe and legible way so far.

Constantly satisfy your customers with your delicious food. When you constantly create dishes, you will see that your diner’s satisfaction rises faster. In the meantime, your gems bar will be filling faster. This is another way to earn gems. Rapid tapping of three groups of recipes also allows you to cook your dishes faster, and ingredients appear faster from the top. One secret to get a big amount of gems is to create a silver spices. You may have to use a lot of ingredients and spend quite a long time to create silver spices. But it does worth your time and effort. Once you succeed in creating silver spices, you will be rewarded a large amount of gems.


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Make good use of question answering system. When you have no idea to how use your ingredients, you should go to recipe section of library. You will see a list of recipes staying there. Just choose the one which suits your idea best. To open more restaurants you will need more recipes. To unlock new recipes, you need to provide funds to your invest team to do some research. Unlocking special recipes will give you extra bonus.

The Idle Cooking Tycoon is an interesting and easy-to-play game. By following above cheats tips, you have ability to transform your bakery into a cooking empire.