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International Fashion Stylist Cheats – Tips for coins hack

International Fashion Stylist is a fashion related simulator mobile game. In this game, you will play a role as a fashion designer for all famous people. You will help dress up your visitors and encourage them to take part in all kinds of activities.  You have to always make your customers look the best, because all eyes are watching. Once you are famous amount celebrities, you will be invited to be the stylist of global conferences and more glamorous events! To take up the fashion stage, you should follow below International Fashion Stylist cheats and tips carefully.

Dress up your characters carefully! When you are asked to design a style for your customers, you have to think carefully. At first, the game will teach you how to make your customers look more fashion. You have to complete this tutorial carefully and patiently! You click on a theme and dress up your character accordingly. Once you are satisfied with your character’s appearance, you can submit your design. Once completed, you will be given a rating based on your customers style! Though you can’t control the system’s rating, you should try your best to dress up your customers as well as you can according to the given theme.

Always remember to get new clothes! To improve your fashion rating, you have to fill up your wardrobe with all new fresh style clothes. One option is to buy new clothes directly from store with coins. In this case, you need to prepare coins in your account. Coins can be earned by daily login rewards and daily fashion tasks completed.  The higher fashion rating you get, the more coins you will received from the model design match. What’s more, you can use International Fashion Stylist hack to harvest coins as many as you wish in this game. This hacking service is convenient and working for all platforms. The other option to get fresh clothes is by opening the mysterious box. This box contains rare style clothes which you are in dire need. You will only get mysterious box once a month after you fashion grade reach level nine.

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Super Fashion mission allows you to earn extra coins and other items. When you enter the fashion task menu, you will notice there is highlighted tap which called ‘super deal’. After you click it, you will enter the super design mode. There, you can perform more high level fashion design jobs. The higher your fashion level, the more rewards you get from your assignments.

We can say that without doubt if you follow above International Fashion Stylist cheats tips carefully, you will be soon at the top of the fashion world!