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Is it Love Blue Swan Hospital Cheats – More energy Hack

Is it Love Blue Swan Hospital is a choose story type mobile game. You are working at a famous hospital called blue swan as a fresh doctor. To advance your story, you have to make every decision carefully. Each choice you made will affect your life. The game promises to provide a new chapter every two weeks. This will make the players stay interesting in this game. If you need some help to unravel more love secrets, here are some useful Is it Love Blue Swan Hospital cheats and tips for your reference.

Know how the game works firstly. The stories are played in the form of conversations between you and other characters preset in the game. When you are going to respond to other contestants, you usually receive multiple choices. Your choice will determine how the story will go on. For example, if your colleague ask you our for dinner, and you refuse his invitation, this will lead your relationship to the bad path. So before making your decision, think carefully about the possible consequences.

Understand your Colleague. The game currently provides ten characters in this game. They all work in your hospital and each one has his/her own interests. You should spend some time to get to know everyone and make better decisions when come to choose your love. The easiest way to make someone like you is simply to say what they want to hear and interact more frequently with them. As you may already known that each action with your partner will cost you energy. If you run out of energy, you can not interact more with them. Many players have complained it is a little hard to earn energy in the game. You have to replay more chapters to get enough energy. To help you get out this dilemma, we suggest you try Is it Love Blue Swan Hospital hack. It’s a energy generator which works on all devices.

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Once you decide the character you want to make a love path , make sure your attention is focused on him. Keep talking and interacting to make him keep interested. One more thing you should keep in mind is that if you already have a good thing with the character your choose, be sure to avoid gorgeous responses from others.

This is all our Is it Love Blue Swan Hospital cheats and tips. If you have other useful tricks to share with us, don’t forget to email us!