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Is it Love Sebastian Cheats – Get unlimited energy hack

Talking to the most romance game, many players must remember the is it love game series. A new series called Is-it Love Sebastian just pop up in iTunes and Googleplay store. If you have not play previous series before, we recommend you try this game. In the Sebastian story, you study with Sebastian Jones – a Mysterious professor in archaeology. The romance love story will starts between you and professor Sebastian. So to help your love journey go smoothly, we give you Is it Love Sebastian cheats and tips for your reference.

Focus on your topic when talking with Sebastian. When it comes to your appointment, you should consider topics Sebastian would like to talk about. This is not limited to archaeology. You should dig deep enough to find out Sebastian’s real interests. At first, you can pick up some random topic to talk with, then see his reactions. If he like to talk about it, remember it, choose it next time. Sometimes you have to unlock special tile to keep the story going. Sometimes you have to repeat several times to reach the required level. So don’t be rush in the game. Just keep a easy pace, you will eventually reach there.

You will have many tasks in Sebastian’s love story. This is a good way to enhance your relationship with Sebastian. However, we don’t recommend you finish all the tasks. Because this will cost you lots of energy. You need energy to complete each task. So if you don’t have enough energy, you should keep it for important tasks. Many players want to get lots of energy, but only few of them know how to do it. Personally, I will make use of Is it Love Sebastian hack to generate energy for me. Once you have unlimited energy, there is no need to bother which task to be completed first.

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Finally, don’t date in one place for more than one time. There are many locations you can unlock to date in. Choose the one which suits Sebastian’s interest best. But just remember, don’t make dating in the same location more than once, even it’s Sebastian’s favors. This will decrease your relationship point.

That’s all for Is it Love Sebastian cheats and tips. If you have more useful tips to share with us, just contact us now!