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Kick the Buddy Forever Cheats – Tips for more gems hack

Our best friend has come back! Now you can play Kick the Buddy Forever game on your mobile devices. The new series has brought more new features to players such as more weapons to choose, more characters to use, etc. No matter you are new or return players to this game, the game promises to give players brand new experiences. To help you release vicious beating of mad Buddy effectively, we share Kick the Buddy Forever cheats and tips below!

At the beginning of the game, you only have a weapon which is called little finger. The power of this finger as you can think out – weakness! But you have to complete first two mission with this finger. Don’t worry too much. We can assure you that the first two tasks are very very simple. You just need to have faith and give more patient. You can easily know down the fist two buddies within five minutes! After you know down the required buddy, you can get some coins as a gift. Based on our game play, you can earn 1000 coins by completing the first two missions. That’ enough for you to buy another real weapon.

Which weapon should you get firstly? Well, this depends on your budget. If you have lots of coins and gems in your account, you can choose the most powerful weapon such as atomic weapon as your fist choice. Conversely, if you only have enough money to spend, you should choose it by balancing your money and the power of your weapons. If you want a method to obtain more gems within a short time, we recommend you try Kick the Buddy Forever hack. This is a secure generator which will help you harvest lots of gems in a few minutes. This method is suitable for players who don’t want to spend real cash on in-game store.

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Make use of weapons combinations. We can tell you that once you reach high level, you will find out that using single weapon to knock down the buddy is almost impossible. You have to combine two or more weapons together to create the most damage output. Combining bomb with bacteria is our favor! With the help of bacteria, your bomb will become more powerful. Every buddy around the bacteria will be killed slowly if they don’t killed by the bomb firstly. To knock down more buddies at a time, you need to try more combination.

This is about Kick the Buddy Forever cheats and tips. If you know other tricks about this game, we invite you to share them with us! Have a good buddy killing!