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Lady Popular Fashion Arena Cheats – easy tutorials to get diamonds hack

Lady Popular Fashion Arena finally comes to mobile platforms. Now you can join millions of players together from around the world to express your unique fashion style. Browse thousands of garment parts and accessories to complete your appearance. Become fashion really takes real skill and time. Make sure you know your fashion style, because every style of you decides your fashion path. We are here to give you some Lady Popular Fashion Arena cheats and tips to help you succeed in the fashion path.

Every lady’s dream is to be the top model one day. You have to have a first-class appearance firstly. So you need to spend some time on customizing every aspect of your personality, from your head to your foot. Make sure you are satisfied with your dress up before hangouts. At first, you will not have much money to spend on your clothes. So you should spend money wisely. Just focus on specific clothes which can help you win the challenge.

A secret to get beautiful clothes at the first game stage is to join an active fashion shop. Members of the same shop can borrow each others’ items to complete garments. To have a better chance to get rare clothes, you should invite more friends to join your club. Another way to unlock new dress up is to use diamonds which is a high quality currency in the game. Almost every thing can be handled by using diamonds. However, it is hard to get large amount of diamonds. Below listed some ways to help you earn diamonds:

  • Buying diamonds with real cash in game store is the most expensive way to get diamonds for most of the players. If you don’t care your money, you can try this way.
  • Check out the double diamond events. Pick the most rewarded job to accomplish to win diamonds. However, these tasks only can be done once a day. Some of them even can be done by one time.
  • Make use of Lady Popular Fashion Arena hack – the players can easily generate diamonds as many as they wish by using this hacks’ service. This is the fastest way to get free and large amount of diamonds online.

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Linking your social accounts to the game will allow you add more friends to our fashion club. This is very important because you can help each other in order to make fast progress in the game.

All players are trying to be the top fashion model quickly. You can easily do it by following the Lady Popular Fashion Arena cheats properly.