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Langrisser game finally come to mobile version. Now you can head over to itunes and google play store to get Langrisser Mobile. You will experience a classic and exciting round-based battles in the game. As the title said, it is a strategic battle game, so you need to create and adjust your strategic plan frequently. Don’t worry, our Langrisser Mobile cheats and tips have covered all the useful information you need to defeat your enemies. Keep on reading, you will find the efficient way to master this game!

Make sure you have long range attack heroes. As you know, long range attack will give you the most benefit in striking your enemies. They allow you to attack your enemy from quite special and unexpected distance, especially when you are facing the melee enemy, who will not be able to fight back immediately. Magicians should be the good choice for this type of heroes. So remember to bring them in all your battles.

Place the weakest heroes in your final position. No matter how strong your team is, you should pay attention to the team formation. A good strategic plan should be taking good care of your weaker heroes. Based on our gaming experience, you should put your weakest members on the back of your team formation. By doing this, your weakest heroes will be well protected in each fighting. Remember to let them finish the last strike of your enemy. This will give them opportunity to gain more exp.

Enhance your heroes immediately. You can’t keep winning each battle with your current heroes. As your enemy become strong, you have to consider to upgrade your heroes’ skills and equip them with powerful weapons. By doing these enhancements, you will need lots of crystals in your account. Using Langrisser Mobile hack is always a smart way to earn instant crystals to your game account. So if you are desired of unlimited crystals without payment, you should try this hacking service in your devices.

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Spend time on check your enemy’s attacking range. It sounds like a good idea to move quickly in your turn and attack your enemy directly. However, this is not always useful for all enemies. The smart way should be scout your enemy before attacking. You can tap each enemy unit to see their range. Once you find all the information of your enemy, you can create a better plan to handle them easily.

This is all our Langrisser Mobile cheats and tips. If you have discovered other tricks and want to share with us, just contact us via email. Thanks for your reading!