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LifeAfter Cheats – 3 minutes tips for more credits hack

LifeAfter is a unique survival game which places players in an extreme post-viral world. You need to explore every inch of the post-apocalyptic world to find suitable weapons and tools to keep yourself safe. In this game, you will fight against zombies and other enemies which will destroy your life. You also need to collect materials and craft your own equipment to attack other players. Always keep yourself armed quickly is the key to defeat your enemy. If you find yourself struggling in playing this game, we suggest you read our LifeAfter cheats and tips below.

Find food and weapons as soon as possible. Your first tasks should be getting food and weapons quickly. They are the most important items to keep you survive in the game. Food can restore your health and help you live longer if you are injured in battle. Weapons can help you defend yourself and attack your enemy. The fast way to get them is use navigation. Simply click on the navigation button, it will show you a list of materials you need and the areas in which you can find them. Choose the closed area to start with. You don’t want to wast your most time on collecting your first material.

Always check your maps before taking action. Pay attention to the areas which marked with symbols. The exclamation mark on the map indicates the area will be restricted within a few minutes. If you need to get into it, you should move fast and act quickly. You can not access to the areas which have stop symbols. We suggest you stay away from these areas. Because they are usually dangerous to all players.

Keep your weapons upgraded. Once you get your weapons, you have to equip them before they can be used. The game generally will provide the recommended weapons to all players. However, not each weapon can last for long period. You have to learn how to improve them. Credits are the premium resource in the game. You need to prepare large amount of credits to upgrade your weapons. Also credits can help you get most powerful skins to your character. Based on our observation, many players are using LifeAfter hack to obtain credits to their account. Because it is a easy and secured way to earn millions credits in a short time.

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Once you notice you health getting worse and worse, you should find place to hide yourself and get some rest. You know this is a survival game. The one stand last will win. Make sure you choose a safe area to rest because you may be killed for entering a restricted area. Once you escape from your enemy, you can restore your health by resting. It takes a few minutes to complete.

Finally, we can confirm that as long as you follow our tips and cheats of LifeAfter game, you can become a survivor in the game.