MAD ZOMBIES Cheats – Get unlimited gold and cash Hack

MAD ZOMBIES is an offline shooting game developed by VNG GAME STUDIOS. The game isfun to play. Simple graphics help players better find and shoot zombies. Survival mode is most challenge mode in the game, in which you can see how powerful your arsenal is. The battles are filled with hundreds of crazy zombies. We have to say that MAD ZOMBIES is one of the most generous free game titles. However, you need more shooting skills to conquer this game. Below MAD ZOMBIES cheats tips will help you a lot in the game.



Remember to aim at the head when killing zombies, as this will will give them double injury. This is the most accurate way to kill an enemy. What’s better, shooting on head will unlock new head shots sometimes. This is a great opportunity to get a powerful gun. In the early games, you may find it is not easy to shoot enemy only on head. Don’t give up at this moment. You just need more practice. One helpful trick is to equip the aiming head skill, which will increase the number of head injuries. You need gold to buy this special skill in the game store.

As said before, skill set is very important in the game. So, you have to improve your skills all the time, especially when you are struggling with your boss in the campaign. Powerful weapons are also the key to kill more zombies as soon as possible. So do upgrade your weapons when you have enough gold in hand. Upgrading or acquiring a new weapon cost you much gold. In order to make your weapons stronger, you need to find a easy way to get more gold fast in the game. MAD ZOMBIES hack is the easy tool you should use to generate currency in the game. No matter how much gold you want, you just need a few clicks to get them by using MAD ZOMBIES hack below.




MAD ZOMBIES also provide you some simple ways to get gold. You will get some gold and cash when you complete the required level, unlock the special achievements. The most amazing thing is that some of the tasks can be unlocked repeatedly, so you will get as much money as you wish. Multiplayer mode will send out rewards every week, so make sure your take part in this fighting ever week.

With this MAD ZOMBIES cheats and guides, you should be able to be the last to stand and save the world from craze zombies.