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Mia Online is a most popular MMORPG game in recent years. Now you can play Mia Online on your mobile devices. The game has been successfully migrate to mobile platforms recently! You will experience the brand new 3D visual effects in this game. You can challenge your friends in PVP and PVE modes. Your mission is to call your allies to defeat the enemy in the real national war. To help you improve your game skills, we suggest you follow below Mia Online cheats and tips.

When you start playing the game with your chosen character, you will receive some necessary items as your first gifts. They usually contains basic equipment and weapons. These items will help you complete the tutorials of the game. When you are fighting with giant monster or other dangerous enemies, you will notice that your weapons and equipment are obsolete and useless. You have to create your own powerful weapons and equipment in order to stay alive in the game.

Coming to weapons and equipment creation, you have to prepare a variety of materials. These resources usually can be acquired from game store. Depending on the material you use to create your equipment, it will have different attributes to help you output high damage attack to your enemy. So finding rare materials is the key to make the most powerful weapons. Keep upgrading your role’s ability is also important to succeed in this game. Upgrading will improve the combat effectiveness of your hero. Diamonds are the necessary currency to do equipment creation and upgrading. Besides the login reward will give you small amount diamonds, you can try Mia Online hack to generate large amount diamonds to your account if you want.

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Always remember to join a clan! The big difference between Mia online and other MMORPG game is that you have to fight with your friends instead of fight against them. To destroy your enemy effectively, you need to join your friends club to fight with them. When you are fighting with your clan members, you have to think quickly and sometimes you have to sacrifice your resources to help your clan win the battle. Depending on the type of enemy your clan are facing, you have to decide which strategy should be used in this battle quickly. This really need professional game play skills

This is all our Mia Online cheats and tips. Stick to it will help you call a powerful allies to defeat your enemies easily!