Monkeynauts Merge Monkeys Hack

Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys Cheats

Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys Cheats – Get more Gems Hack

Experience the authenticity of Monkeynauts: Merge Monkeys you’re testing, and the new suspense of the skill levels and challenges you’ve never seen before. Start your epic journey on earth, and grasp the power of evolution! The Monkeynauts now provides a customizable choice for your monkey character in the game and in the environment. You’re starting a new space program to send monkeys into space, and now you have to help them evolve fast enough to get ready for a trip! We are here to give you some cheats and mods to help you merge more monkey.



For all skill players, the learning curve is also well adjusted. Speed up your track dream and get closer and closer to your rocket powered spacecraft. The real difficulty is when you cross many pits and survive at any level for a long time, because you’ve opened a higher stage. For faster access, you can buy a monkey using the big button at the bottom. But remember, do not buy too many monkeys at once. As the price will increase when a money is bought. The most important trick in the Monkeynauts is that you should control the movement of two monkeys. You can let the monkey move in the direction of forward, backward, up and down. The first two directions are very basic and do not require tutorials, even if it is a new player.

Before your monkeys can go into space, they need to reach the highest level. So you need to upgrade your monkey as soon as possible. These upgrades will cost you some gems. You can get gems for free from your daily login bonus, so be sure to log in at least once a day. You may also get some gems reward after completing daily tasks. Last but not least, you should try our Monkeynauts Merge Monkeys hack to obtain gems. This is the fastest and safe way to get gems at the moment.


use Monkeynauts mod


The best way to deal with these monsters is to wait before they spit out fireballs and set a few seconds window between the spits to swing to the other side. Monkeynauts is a truly challenging game that will frustrate you many times, but follow this cheat and maintain a certain degree of patience, you will become a legend rocking in the game!