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Monster Farm is new casual game by foranj, allowing you to build and manage your own farm in a monster way. With its beautiful graphics and amazing buildings, this game has been attracted many players all over the world. The goal of the game is to have a healthy farm that can produce many different products and make the monsters happy. To build an efficient, well-managed farm, you need to learn many things. We will give you some useful cheats and tips for Monster Farm: Happy Halloween Game & Ghost Village.



As you need to make your monster happy, you have to have enough crops. So planting crops is the very important thing you should learn. One seed can give you two plants, so making sure you have make the best use of each seed in your hands. Don’t waste it. Lands is another key resource you should own. All crops need be planted on the lands. So you should try your best to get lands as much as possible. In the begin of the game, you will get some free land to start. However, most of the land is covered with trees and boulders. You have to clean them up before you plant your crops.

Cleaning up the land costs a lot of gems. So, you should make your cleaning plans carefully. You must confider accordingly to use all the free space. If you have to clean a tree or rock to build a new farm, and you don’t have enough gems, you should skip it this time. Once you get lots of gems, you may reconsider it. The fast and safe way to earn gems is use Monster Farm hack. There is no risk to use this cheat service as they are built in encrypt mode.


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There are lots of tasks you can do in this game. But you just need to focus on some big tasks. As you need to spend resources and time on accomplishing the task, you should carefully pick the properly task to finish. By doing this way, you’ll save gems and coins, and be able to complete tasks faster. While you are growing your farm, you should always check your animals regularly and make sure to collect their resources each time.

In order to manage your monster farm more healthy, you need to have patience and time. After reading our Monster Farm cheats tricks, you should learn some secrets to achieved your own farm story!