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ONE PIECE Bounty Rush Cheats – Tips for more diamonds hack

We have good news for One piece fans – ONE PIECE Bounty Rush version 2.0 now is available to all countries. In this version many improvements have been applied to the game. Such as graphics and battle enhancement. It aims to provide players a more real 3d battle combat experience. You can select and collect various roles to form your dream team. Easy-to-use controls and a series of skills will attract your attention. To help you will every battle easily, we share you ONE PIECE Bounty Rush cheats and tips below for your reference.

Use automatic combat smartly. The game features automatic combat system. Its original idea is to help players take up each battle efficiently. However, automatic combat is not suitable every battle. We usually say that if AI is smart enough to do the right thing on each battle, automatic combat is good, but in some battles, such as boss fighting, you need to have your own strategy, fight yourself and micromanage those battles. Our suggestion is that only enable automatic combat when you are facing low level fighting.

Equip your characters with special skill cards. Skill cards will give you more property improvements over the properties your character already have. It also allows your characters to learn new skills. You can buy skill cards with rainbow diamonds (premium currency). Getting lots of diamonds in a short time is very difficult to all players. Because you can only get them by finish specific quests in this game. These quests are limited to each player. So the ways to get fast and large rainbow diamonds are buying them using real cash in game store or using ONE PIECE Bounty Rush hack. If you don’t have money, we suggest you choose the second option to get diamonds.

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Hit and run is the best tactic when you are facing stronger enemy. This is most effective if you are using long range attack characters. The basic concept of this tactic is that use your strong strike to attack your enemy, then runs away from their shooting area as soon as you can. Repeat this process until you K.O. your enemy. But if your character’s level is far lower than your enemy’s, this tactic may not be work. In this condition, you’d better find ways to level up your characters as soon as possible.

If you want to stand out from other players, you need to do more study on these ONE PIECE Bounty Rush tips and cheats. Thanks for reading.