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Operate Now Animal Hospital Cheats – Tips to hack golden hearts

Have you ever dreaming of becoming a veterinarian some day? With Operate Now Animal Hospital game, you will experience an amazing animal hospital simulation in your real life. You need to take care of and cure the injured pets and animals in the game. This is the first animal surgery game which is implemented highly realistic surgery. When you run a hospital, you can build new offices for your doctors, diagnostic offices, laboratories and treatment centers and so on. If you’re not sure what to do in the game and how to properly manage your hospital, you should read below Operate Now Animal Hospital cheats and tips carefully.



At the first stage of the game, there is only so much space in your hospital. So you have to figure out how to manage more elaborate details and optimize the space for you. Generally speaking, getting your devices close to each other is the most common way you can think out. Here the keys is make a way to maximize the use of the devices you are allowed to use. If you have big cash in hands, we suggest you buy lands extension, so that you can expand the number of floors and have more space to work. In this case, you can use Operate Now Animal Hospital hack to get fast big cash in the game.

Don’t focus on decoration. You should notice that hospital decoration is just for aesthetic purposes, and it doesn’t make any contribution to the actual game play. So don’t spend too much time and cash in hospital decorating. Instead, you should pay attention to unlock new facilities – such as an operating room, an examination room and so on. As the amount of facilities increase, you will have more power to handle more injured animals.

Golden hearts are the important resource in the game. You can use them to cure animals and recover their health. They also help you improve faster and keep your hospital up to speed. Usually, a good veterinarian should have enough golden hearts. So when you hire a doctor, you should pay attention to this factor. Of course, golden hearts can be earned by played mini games. So you should take a check list for them. Find out which game you can play frequently to get rewards. Also you can make use of Operate Now Animal Hospital hack to get golden hearts.


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This is the basic cheats and tips of Operate Now Animal Hospital game. If you have other tips to share with us, just write to us.