Crown Four Kingdoms Cheats

Crown Four Kingdoms Cheats – Get more diamonds hack Crown Four Kingdoms is a fantasy animation style mobile game. You will be surprised by its high quality 3D stage and attractive story lines. If you love real time and large scale Kingdom war, you should not miss this game. Your goal is to conquer all […]

Flip Skater Cheats

Flip Skater Cheats – Tips for getting unlimited gems hack Flip Skater is a new sport mobile game which will give you a thrilling journey on the half-pipe. You can collect new characters while performing skills on skateboards. To get more rewards in the game, you have to avoid obstacles and keep doing some amazing […]

Prey Day Survival Cheats

Prey Day Survival Cheats – 5 minutes guide to hack bucks Prey Day Survival is an online MMORPG survival game where you have to deal with hunger and thirst, looking for survivors’ camps. As you can guess from the title, it’s a post-apocalypse game, and you’re going to play the role of a survivor, facing […]

The Outlived Cheats

The Outlived Cheats – 3 Minutes guide to hack unlimited coins The Outlived is one of the best survival games in this year. In this game, you find yourself in a barren wasteland with weapons in your hands. The city has become a wasteland, and the survivors are no longer human beings. The only goal […]

Langrisser Mobile Cheats

Langrisser Mobile Cheats – Tips for more crystals hack Langrisser game finally come to mobile version. Now you can head over to itunes and google play store to get Langrisser Mobile. You will experience a classic and exciting round-based battles in the game. As the title said, it is a strategic battle game, so you […]

Resort Hotel Bay Story Cheats

Resort Hotel Bay Story Cheats – Tips for more coins hack Resort Hotel Bay Story is a puzzle game which combines hotel buildings into the three matching mechanism. This game allows you to solve different problems by matching three or more identical pieces. Your goal is to build an attractive hotel in your private beach […]

Ghostbusters World Cheats

Ghostbusters World Cheats – 5 minutes tips to hack gems Ghostbusters World is the latest ghost hunting AR game which is released by Four Thirty Three. if you have played other similar AR title game before, you should know well the game’s mechanisms. In the game, you have to capture all the ghost around the […]

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