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Prey Day Survival Cheats – 5 minutes guide to hack bucks

Prey Day Survival is an online MMORPG survival game where you have to deal with hunger and thirst, looking for survivors’ camps. As you can guess from the title, it’s a post-apocalypse game, and you’re going to play the role of a survivor, facing other players from all over the world in this tragic environment. In order to survive longer than the rest of the world, you need to learn a lot about the game. Our Prey Day Survival Cheats tips will help you learn how to defeat all your enemies in the game.



Once you start the game play, you should understand the most basic knowledge of game’s mechanics and do some handwork. Learn about how to craft, as it is the basic skill in the game. You need material to finish crafting. You can collect lots of material from your neighborhood. The more crafting you do, the most experience you will gain. We recommend learning how to make axes firstly, as they can be used to cut down trees and limestone. The axes will help you collect material more quickly. Also using Prey Day Survival hack will help you get resources fast.

When you have completed the real foundation of the game, you should build your army. The army will help you defense your house, send you supply boxes. In order to access military bases, you need a security key card which can be gotten in Alpha Base. Armor plays a very important role in the game. Be sure to have armor and check the status of your armor before your battle. When you are running resources, you should immediately grab your axe to collect them in outdoor area. The more resources you bring, the most powerful team you have.

Make sure you often browse the mini map, because you may find rare items in this area. Always look at each other’s equipment before attack them. Depending on the weapon, you may be enjoying a treatment, or a challenge, or perhaps the worst challenge in the game. Be smart when you desire to upgrade your weapons. We do not want you to run out of money while upgrading your equipment. So you may consider to use Prey Day Survival hack tool to generate more bucks for your account.


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With all above cheats, we want you to learn more about the details secret of the game. We also hope you survival excellent with our Prey Day Survival tricks and tips.