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If you want to find a monster hunting game to kill your time, we suggest your try Rangers of Oblivion. It is a new MMORPG type game which is developed by YOUZU. In Rangers of Oblivion, you will experience an epic monster hunting adventure. You can compete with AI enemies in campaign mode and confront players from all over the world in PVP mode. The game allows you to collect weapon materials from your hunted monster. To help you know more about how to play the game well, we share the latest Rangers of Oblivion Cheats and Tips below!

Know about the basic game play system. When you start the game, you will know your core mission is to protect your lands from monsters. The most interesting design of the game is that you can harvest the monster body to make your weapons and armors. You can choose your favorite weapons from the inventory to fight against the monsters. There are totally six types of weapons design in the game. They are spears, bows, knives, double knives, armored gloves and sticks. Each of them has its own skills and advantages. For example, spears and bows are suitable for long distance attack. Knives and gloves are best for close combat.

The game has a its own unique system to let players to upgrade their weapons and role’s abilities. It is called rune system. In there, you can buy powerful skills, weapons and armors for your rangers. Diamonds are the necessary items to do the upgrade. They are usually earned by completing special quests. These quests are rare type of missions. You should pay close attention to them in order not to miss any one. Plus, the amount of these quests are too little. It is almost not enough for players to acquired big amount of diamonds in a short period. You have to find a convenient way to earn diamonds. That’s why you need a hacking service. Rangers of Oblivion hack will help you get lots of diamonds within a few clicks. So if you want to stand out of your opponents, you should give it a try.

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How stamina work in hunting system? You should notice that each action will cost you stamina. By default, the system will automatically replenishes your stamina by one minute every three minutes until it reaches your full level. You can upgrade your character’s ability to enlarge the stamina level. However, we do not suggest you doing this. Because not every hunting will last more than half hour. You just need to pay attention to it. That’s enough. We recommend you spend the resource on other skills.

This is all our Rangers of Oblivion cheats and tips. Hope you do learn something useful from them. Have a nice hunting, guys!