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Revolve8: Episodic Dueling is a new strategy game developed by Sega. The game allows you to organize a team of heroes to compete in the arena. You have to make up your team by selecting eight cards into a deck. You can choose your team members from heroes, slaves, etc. Once you decide your team, you can challenge players all over the world in a real time battle. If you need some help to build a strong deck, take a look at our Revolve8 cheats and tips!

The game has provides you more than hundred of units to recruit. When you choose them to fill your deck, you should focus on the team balance! It is not enough to win a battle just use the system recommend formation. You need to custom your own team formation. The basic concept to build a deck is to make your mana cost as least as possible. Our suggestion is place the defense towers on both sides of your team. Then put the attack tower in the middle of your deck. By doing this, your team not only have a great damage output, but also have the maximum defense.

Once you have ability to recruit more troops, you should build up more than one deck with different tactics. By doing this you can easily switch to another deck according to your opponents’ levels. Recruit more troops means you can unlock more cards in the game. This requires you lots of jewels (a premium currency in this game). Jewels can be also used to improve your cards’ skills. Based on our game play, it is very hard to earn enough jewels in this game in a usual way. If you need large amount of jewels, we advise you make use of Revolve8 hack. Such hacking service will give instant access to the required resource.

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When playing with advanced players, you should observe their actions carefully. You have to find out the idea of their unit mix and strategies in order to take up the battle. However, if you fail in such battle, don’t be sad. Because you have learned something useful from it. Next time, you can imitate these strategies or come up with ways to deal with your opponents.

Finally, try to make a backup plan. No matter how strong your cards are, you should have a backup plan in case things go wrong. Sticking to our Revolve8 cheats and tips will make your decks more strong and more powerful!