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Sea Game: Mega Carrier is a real-time management strategy game for mobile platform. You mission is to stop the evil project of the final Medusa. You will build your ocean army from zero. Help your allies to defeat the potential enemies with your giant aircraft carrier. The game is part of building type and part of the social experience. You can fight the sea war with multi-players around the world. We are here to help you complete the sea game journey with our exclusive Sea Game Mega Carrier cheats and tips.

Choose suitable ships to build your fleet. The game provides many ships for players to choose from. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them have strong firepower, some of them have strong armor and others are good at carrying large quantities of armies. Before each ocean war, you should make sure you have prepared the right ships and the right crews. Right crews means that you put your all crew members in the right position of the game.

Try to complete more tasks as long as you can. There are mainly two type tasks in this game. One is the story line task and the other is the challenge task. Story tasks are must do missions. Without completing the required mission, your gaming progress will not go forward. In addition to finish the story line tasks, we highly recommend you complete the challenge tasks too. Because these tasks will reward you rare gifts (such as diamond) after your completing them.

Diamond is the premium currency in this game, which can be obtained in several different ways. One is the complete the challenge tasks. However, you will find it is a long process to earn lots of diamonds in this way. Many players usually find another option to get diamonds. Making use of Sea Game Mega Carrier hack is the most convenient way to earn diamonds so far. It works on all gaming platforms with secured function.

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Consider to join a alliance. This is a very helpful tip for new players. At the beginning of game, you don’t have enough powerful fleet to defeat your enemy. Usually you need help from other advanced players. Joining a alliance will give you better protection from strong enemy’s attack. You will have more time to build your own fleet under the alliance’s protection.

That’s all tips and cheats for Sea Game Mega Carrier. Hope you enjoy this article and find useful information from it.