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Sega release a new Puzzle type RPG mobile game recently – SEGA Heroes. The attracting point is that you can collect legendary heroes from your favorite Sega game. Some of them are even your childhood’s dream heroes. You mission is build your own heroes team to fight against Deleman and her evil clone army and save the world from the evils. Although many players are familiar with the mechanism of the game, you still need some help from our SEGA Heroes cheats and tips get through all the battles.



In the early stages of the game, you will notice that you can operate only few heroes. That’s because your level is low at the beginning. But you should not worry, this will not last a long time. You have to learn how to use the class systems to gain the upper hand in battle. When you fight against your enemy, yous should pay attention to the color wheel. The deeper your color wheel is, the more damage you will send to your enemy. Studying your opponent’s formation will give you a full idea of how to clear the stage fast. As each hero can only provide a damage enhancement to your gemstone break move, so you need to unlock new heroes and build a heroes teams.

Daily tasks are good places to collect gems that you need to get your heroes upgrades. The trick to get more gems is to look for tasks that you can accomplish at the same time. More tasks at a time will yield faster gems. There is a ranking system in each task. The higher you rank in the task, the more rewards you will get finally. So don’t rush to finish the task, you should complete it with quality. In order to get the biggest reward in battle, you need to match the loot box 3 times. To help you farm gems in a total different way, we provide you SEGA Heroes hack. It’s a mod service which will generate required amount of gems to your account.


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When you are dealing with multiple opponents in a battle, make sure that you can handle each enemy accordingly to minimize your damage and increase your chances of success. Matching the colors of red gems with the special abilities of each hero can also cause additional damage to your enemy. So always to keep finding red gemstone to defeat your opponent.

Becoming the best hero in gemstones matching is not easy, but our SEGA Heroes cheats tips will give you a good start.